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Segmented woodturning, by Chris Tatum with round finial

Chris Tatum has worked with wood all his life. A migrant of Miami Florida, he moved to Gainesville in 1978. He is a craftsmen of fine furniture and cabinetry for over thirty six years and has since reinvented his artform to focus on woodturning, the art of shaping forms on a lathe to create functional and sculptural objects. Utilizing discarded material, Chris meticulously crafts beautiful works of art from his imagination. His work not only serves a functional purpose, but is aesthetically engaging and thought provoking.

Segmented woodturning 





woodturned vessel with natural edge pare wood
Segmented Woodturning quality finish.

woodworking vessel turned with a finial woodturned segmented vase by chris tatumwoodturning sculpture finial woodturning woodwork Tatum-1-vessel