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segmented woodturning

Woodturning pecan vessel

 Woodturning: The art of shaping forms on a lathe. One of a kind functional and sculptural objects.

 Chris Tatum has worked with wood all his life. He is a craftsmen of fine furniture and cabinetry for thirty six years in Gainesville, Fl. Chris started woodturning January 2012 and  found a way to re-purpose  and recycle in his shop. Woodturning has re- purposed his life, engaging with his hands as well as his heart. He turns  wood from the local area that is re-purposed and recycled that would be burned or sent to the land fill. He turns this otherwise useless material into artistic wonders of the natural world. Each unique piece is finished with a food safe catilized lacquer that protects and magnifies the natural beauty of the wood. He uses furniture grade wood in his laminated woodturnings. 

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